Der Adler English Edition 1942 07 14 nr 14 (PDF)


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Our Ace in Africa ….. The whirlwind advance of the German and Italian forces in North Africa is due in no small measure to the work of German airmen, who cleared the sky above the field of operations and outfought their opponents for the mastery of the air. Oberleutnant Marseille, the most successful of the German aces, received from the Fuhrer the distinction of the Oak Leaves with Swords to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross on the occasion of the one hundred and first air victory. Our photographer shot this picture as Oberleutnant Marseille was vividly describing his latest victory in air combat. / PK Photograph by Oppitz (HH), war correspondent. ……. Articles Inside: … A Glimpse behind the Soviet Front / Photographs courtesy Luftwaffe and by Wette ( PBZ ), war correspondent. ……. The Red Ivan / Propaganda Company Photographs by Hoffmann ( Sch ) ….. Annihilated – The “Dunkirk of the Crimea” ….. Stones Prickles Scorpions – Daily Guerilla Warfare in Africa / PK Photographs by Hausmann ( Sch ) ….. Warfare under a Blazing Sky – Comrades-in-Arms at the Battle of Tobruk / PK Photographs by Zwilling ( HH ), Bockelmann, Brandt ( HH ), and Otto ( HH ), war correspondents ….. Berlin Doughnuts in the Country of the Soviets / PK written and illustrated by Reimers ( Wb ), war correspondent ….. Incredible, but True – A Literally Hair-Raising Episode ( A corporal rides on the tail of a Ju 87 ) ….. Deeds Form the Recreation of the Common Man / Goethe ….. The Oak Leaves with Swords to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross – Oberfeldwebel Steinbatz ….. The Oak Leaves to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross – Hauptmann Lent, Hauptmann Malapert und Leutnant Dickfeld ….. How they earned the Knight’s Cross – Oberst i. G. Seidemann, Major v. Winterfeldt, Hauptmann Krafft, Oberleutnant Lasse, Oberleutnant Platzer, Oberleutnant Jakob, Oberleutnant H. Mueller, Oberleutnant Hartig, Leutnant Ed. Meyer, Oberfeldwebel Kroll and Oberfeldwebel Hoefemeier ….. Is Alaska Really an Arctic Fortress? – Threat to the Northern Flank of the United States / By Guenther Pahl, Photographs from the Seiler collection, Sketch map by Trester ….. Castaways Off Tobruk – The Adventure of a Stuka Crew / Retold after the Narrative of Ulrich Barthold, War Correspondent, Drawings by M. Ludwig ….. On the Adjustment Stand – An Me 109 is Fired / PK-Photographs by Ketelhohn (Wb) ….. The Flying Radio Station / PK-Photographs from war correspondent Fred Dietrich ….. Summer dreams with ,,Winter Wonderland “/ Specially Photographed for the Adler by Dr. Wolf Strache ….. Mountain Farmers – The peasantry as a blood source of the nation / Photo Report for the Adler by Dr. Franz H. ….. Diesel – The Man’s Life-Work that Made Him a World Wide Celebrity / Photographs by UFA (Schulz) ….. How Does the BV 141 Fly? – The Unsymmetrical Airplane is the Most Symmetrical when in the Air ….. From the Editor’s Scrapbook – The Flying Midwife ….. Aerial Combat over British Naval Formation in the Arctic Ocean – Long-Distance Reconnaissance Airmen Frustrate Enemy Operations / By Stachelscheid, War Correspondent ….. “Pull out! Pull out!” murmured Oberleutnant P., as He Collapsed / By Dr. Helmut Pessl, War Correspondent ….. What Is That? ….. Pastime ….. Cartoons – Radio Operators Go It Strong / Drawings by K. Franke