Der Adler English Edition 1942 06 30 nr 13 (PDF)


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Cover: … Comrades in Arms ……. The Commander of the Air Force, Field Marshal Kesselring, after a meeting with the Chief of Staff of the Italian armed forces, General Cavallero, in Benghazi. PK – photograph by Valtingojer (Sch), war correspondent ……. Articles Inside: … A Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Fighter lane Chases a Spitfire – Successful Defense of the Channel Coast / Photographs PK Luftwaffe ….. One Million Kilometres on Reconnaissance Flights over Russia – Long-Distance Reconnaissance Squadron after Twelve Months’ Fighting with the Soviet Union / Specially Photographed for The Adler by Helmut Grosse, War Correspondent ….. Pressing a Button Decides it – Airmen’s Hands in the Ju 88 Dive-Bomber / Photographs by Mauritius ….. Portrait of an Ace – Captain Ihlefeld / By Heinz Ockhardt, War Correspondent ….. “Attention, Guns!” – A Visit to an Anti-Aircraft Artillery Command Post / Special Description for the Adler. Written and illustrated by Dr. H. Franz ….. By Stealthy Routes through the Arctic Ocean – Murmansk Expects American Convoys / By Dr. Walther Jantzen ….. The Valiant Cook – How a Junkers Transport Plane Shot down Three Soviet Fighter Planes / Retold after the Narrative of Dr. Kurt Honolka, War Correspondent with Drawings by Max Ludwig ….. Real Asininities – Riding Tournament at a Field Airdrome / PK photographs by Roeder, war correspondent Text by R. Mueller, war correspondent ….. Sports and Gymnastics Meeting – Luftwaffe Day at the Berlin Radio Tower / Photographs by Schwalm (Scherl) ….. The Wild Eagles of Japan / Photos Witzleben & Peters ( Ufa-Film ) ….. The Inspiration of the Voice – The “Wiener Saengerknaben” / Written and illustrated by Dr. H. Franz ….. Television / Written and illustrated by Dr. H. Franz ….. After the Day is Done – How our Spanish Buddies spend their spare time / PK photographs war correspondent Nagel and Schumann ….. All for a Photograph of a Harbor – Masterly Achievement of German Long-Distance Observation Pilot / By Ludwig von Danwitz, War Correspondent ….. A Day with Fighter Pilots on the Channel Coast – Few British Planes Cross the Coast. Big German Successes / By Herbert Scharkowski ….. What is That? ….. Pastime ….. Aerial Combat Games – Devised in War-Time ….. Boy Will Be Boys! / Drawings by Werner Kruse