Der Adler English Edition 1942 06 16 nr 12 (PDF)


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No. 12 ……. Cover: Equipped for Altitude Flight – Modern air combat takes place at great altitudes where human beings cannot exist without suitable protection. The breathing apparatus for high altitude flight therefore forms an indispensable part of an airman’s equipment. Special photograph for Der ADLER by Dr. Franz ……. Articles Inside: … Twice One Thousand on the Channel Coast. Photographs by Rothkopf (Sch), Bobeck (Sch), war correspondents and PK-Luftwaffe ….. Under the Deadly Hail of Japanese Bombs. Photograph Japan Photo Library ….. A Pilot Sketches His Experiences – Air Combats and Stuka Raids / Recorded immediately after Landing. Drawings by Oberleutnant Bornschein, Photographs by Ohmeyer, war correspondent ….. At a Base Airdrome from Which Kerch Was Bombed – On the Landing Ground between Attacks. Photographs by war correspondents Breu, Kunstmann, Klose and Schubert ….. Mastering the Desert – German Aircraft at the African Front. By Gerhard Meyer ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross ( Oberleutnant Ostermann, Leutnant Graf, Oberst Morzik, Major Poetter, Hauptmann Christl, Hauptmann Otte, Oberleutnant Schweiger and Oberleutnant Horst Kruger ) ….. Aerial Warfare over the 68th Degree of Northern Latitude – German Horizontal and Dive-Bombers over the Arctic Ocean and Murmansk. PK drawings by Ellgaard, War Correspondent. Based on a Report by Peter Bohlscheid, War Correspondent ….. The Sparks Fly. Photograph by Dr. H. Franz ….. Bend or Break – The Test Pilot and His Work. Photographs by Gerlach and Barbara Luedecke ….. South Africa as Bridgehead – Between the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. By Wolf Schmalfuss, Photographs Scherl-Bilderdienst ….. Our Hunting Ground is the Night Sky II. – Experiences of Airmen during Defensive Operations against British Bombers. By Jochen Grossmann, War Correspondent ….. “You’re not in Madagascar – Here’s Germany!” By Hans Theodor Wagner, war correspondent ….. What Is That? ….. From the Editor’s Scrapbook – Twenty-five Years Ago / With the Gotha G IV over London ….. Red Cross and Green Cross – The Community of Work of the Life-Saving Service in the Mountains. Photographs by Hilde Zenker ….. GPU – The Organization of Terror. Photographs by Ufa ( Klitsch ) ….. Flying over the Sound – Ninety-Eight Musicians and an Airplane. Photographs by Curt Ullmann ….. Slavko Kvaternik – Interview with the Croatian Field-Marshal. By Major von Pebal ….. Parachutists operate in the Forefield by Night – Assault Party Wipe out an Enemy Dugout. By Heinz Purwin, War Correspondent ….. Pastime ….. Whimsicalities in the Sandy Desert. Observed by Gerd Pinguin