Der Adler English Edition 1942 06 02 nr 11 (PDF)


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No. 11 ……. Cover: The First Asymmetrical Airplane ……. Two of the new aircraft type known as the BV 141, built by Blohm & Voss for the Luftwaffe, for special purposes. It has already demonstrated its serviceability in numerous operations at the Front. Photo report in this issue. PK-Luftwaffe (Ruge) ……. Articles Inside: … Two New Types of German Aircraft – The Dornier Do 217 Dive-Bomber / The Blohm und Voss BV 141 General Utility Plane. Photographs by Luftwaffe ….. All Ready to Start – Long-Distance Naval Spotter Pilots and Their Helpers. Illustrated report by Stachelscheld (Wb), war correspondent ….. Mud, Nothing but Mud on All Sides. PK illustrated article by Schalber (Sch), war correspondent ….. The Blind Hero of Heraclion – The First Anniversary of the Landing in Crete / Heroic Conduct of a Parachutist Company Leader. Drawings by Wilhelm Baitz War Correspondent, Retold after a PK report by Ernest Grunwald, war correspondent ….. Ceylon as the Geopolitcal Center of the Indian Ocean. By Dr. Walther Jantzen ….. The Duce Visits His Airmen. Photographs courtesy Italian Air Force ….. How’s the Bill of Fare Today? – “Refreshing and Nutritous” Guide the Choice of Rations for Airplane Crews. Special Photograph by Dr. H. Franz ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross ( General der Flieger Bogatsch, General der Flieger Foester, Hauptmann Ihlefeld, Oberleutnant Spaete, Oberst Koller, Major Hoffman, Hauptmann Krebs, Hauptmann Wittmer, Hauptmann Petersen, Hauptmann Ihrig, Oberleutnant Klien, Oberleutnant Schwegler, Oberleutnant Satter, Oberleutnant Schulze, Leutnant Bliesener, Leutnant Omert, Leutnant Dickfeld, Feldwebel Rossmann and Gefreiter Huebner ) ….. An Anti-Aircraft Gun Takes a Hand – Surrounded Soviet Forces Make Vain Attempts to Break out. Based on a PK description by Friedrich Mildner, war correspondent ( drawings by Georg Reisinger ) ….. Wrested from Death – Operations on the Brain and Spinal Column close behind the Front. Photographs Mauritius ….. Our Hunting Ground is the Night Sky – Experiences of Airmen during Defensive Operations against British Bombers. By Jochen Grossmann, War Correspondent ….. What Is That? ….. European Comradeship of Labor. Photographs by Junkers F. M., Krueger, Dunker and Gillberg ….. A Visit to Franz Lehar / Special Interview for the Adler by Dr. H. Franz ….. A Trip by Canoe – A Week-End Outing with Girl Friend and Rubber Boat. Photographs by Pollmann ( Mauritius) ….. Low-level Attack – Raid by a Swarm of Wasps. By Georg Haller, war correspondent ….. Number Two Battery! Annihilating Fire! By Walter Binner, war correspondent ….. Pastime ….. Completely Loony. Drawings by Karl Nebel and Ludwig Siegl (Bavaria)