Der Adler English Edition 1942 05 19 nr 10 (PDF)


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No. 10 ……. Cover: The World’s speediest Pursuit Plane – The German Air Corps has received a new type of pursuit plane of the utmost striking force in the shape of the Focke-Wulf Fw 190, which has already been victorious in numerous air battles. Our present issue contains an illustrated description of the new machine. PK-Luftwaffe photo ……. Articles Inside: … That’s How the Wasps Sting – Destroyers Fight at Close Quarters. PK-Illustrated article by Georg Haller, war correspondent, with photographs by Bayer, war correspondent and Luftwaffe ….. Seven against Seven – A Squadron Leader in a Dive-Bomber Group makes His Three Hundred and Fiftieth Flight Over the Enemy. By W. Thaler, War Correspondent and Drawings by H. von Medley ….. Jack of All Trades – Parachutists at Work. PK-Illustrated article by Pirath, war correspondent ( PBZ, Atl, Wb ) ….. The World’s Speediest Pursuit Plane – The New German Focke-Wulf Pursuit Plane Fw 190 in Aerial Combat. Photographs PK Luftwaffe, PK Luftwaffe Hoepner ….. Besieging an Island from the Air – Malta Uninterruptedly Bombarded by the German and Italian Air Forces. By Captain Wilhelm Rossbach, Maps by Trester ( Scherl ), Photographs by Italienische Luftwaffe, Mueller & Sohn ( Tschira ) ….. Alarm! Alarm! – An Anti-Aircraft Position at the Eastern Front. PK-Illustrated article by Gebauer ( Wb ), war correspondent ….. Other Countries, Other Customs – A Day with Our Comrades of the “Blue Air-Squadron” PK photographs by the war correspondents Nagel and Schuhmann ….. Barrage Balloons. Photographs by Hanns Tschira ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross ( Oberstleutnant Hecht, Oberstleutnant Stahel, Hauptmann Spies KIA, Hauptmann Pizala KIA, Hauptmann Kupfer, Hauptmann Zemsky, Oberleutnant Lotze, Oberleutnant Stepp, Leutnant Lukesch, Leutnant Gallowitsch, Oberfeldwebel Schulz, Oberfeldwebel Wagner KIA, Feldwebel Sassen and Unteroffizier Heintze ….. Rations for the Engine – Aviation Gasoline and Facts Worth Knowing about it. By Dr. Paul Karlson ….. Twice Thirty-Six Rounds – Two Anti-aircraft Guns against Three Armored Trains. Troop Report by Sergeant Kramm Retold by M. Marek ….. What is That? ….. Shoulder to Shoulder for the Future of Europe – The First Rally of European Students and Front Soldiers. Photographs by Casper, war correspondent, Scherl, Atlantic, Presse-Hoffmann, Scherl-Bilderdienst ….. Great Love – A New UFA-Film. Photographs Ufa ( von Harbou and Klitzke ) ….. Strength and Grace – The Work of the Sculptor Fritz Klimsch. Illustrated by Dr. H. Franz ….. Saved from the Clutches of the Bolshevists – The Deed of a Medical Regiment Soldier of the Parachutist. By Hans-Georg Schnitzer, War Correspondent ….. We Rescue Friend and Foe – German Flying Boat Rescues Two Tommies in the Mediterranean. By Lempp, War Correspondent ….. Flowers, Tents, Night Raids – The Tale of a Bomber Squadron in the Cyrenaica. By Dr. Barthold, War Correspondent ….. A Hailstorm of Steel over Malta – Violent Attacks on Valetta. By Erwin Billhardt, War Correspondent ….. Pastime ….. Bright, Intelligent Guys, All of Them Cartoons. Illuminated and Sketched by Gerd Pinguin and J.K. Martin