Der Adler English Edition 1942 05 05 nr 09 (PDF)


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No. 9 ……. Cover: Stuka Attacks a British Freighter – But it looks to us as if the British convoy were speeding in our direction at an incredible rate. In another moment we will be pulling out and then a badly damaged ship will be lying far behind us, a ship that met its fate because it was sailing to England. Photograph PK Luftwaffe ……. Articles Inside: … Within 10 Minutes. PK-Illustrated article by Helmut Grosse War Correspondent (PBZ) ….. Alarm on the Mediterranean – The Italian Navy Protects a Convoy. Written and Illustrated by Essig (Sch), war correspondent ….. Touch and Go! The Laugh Was on Tommy – Corporal Dubrow Relates an Exciting Experience as Rear Gunner. Drawings by Max Ludwig ….. Just as Birds Fly – Nature Stands Model to Engineering. By Gerhard Meyer ….. In Case of Distress at Sea – How the Pilots of Our Pursuit Planes on the Channel Coast Are Equipped. Photographs by Grosse, war correspondent (Wb) ….. A Busy Day in Berlin-Adlershof – War Correspondents of the Luftwaffe Collect for the Wartime Winterhilfswerk. Photographs by Schuhmann and Mueller, war correspondents ….. Crash Over the Tundra – Three Days’ March through No Man’s Land. According to a PK-report by Ittler, war correspondent and Drawings by H. von Medvey ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross ( Hauptmann Keller KIA, Hauptmann Wittmann, Hauptmann Seiler, Hauptmann Kiel, Hauptmann Wolff, Hauptmann Pressler, Leutnant Strelow, Oberleutnant Heinrichs KIA, Oberleutnant v. Malapert, Oberleutnant Setz, Oberleutnant Kaiser, Oberleutnant Sochatzy, Oberleutnant Beeger, Oberleutnant Waldhauser, Leutnant Itzen KIA, Leutnant Stadermann, Leutnant Graf, Feldwebel Fanderl and Oberfeldwebel Hachtel ) ….. Oars up! Go aloft! – The Luftwaffe School of Seamanship. Written and Illustrated Dr. H. Franz ….. In Uncle Sam’s Spider Web – Anxiety about the American Mediterranean. By Dr. Walther Jantzen ….. From the Editor’s Scrapbook – Falling with terminal velocity ….. What Is That? ….. Rembrandt – A Terra Film by Hans Steinhoff. Photographs by Terra ….. Fashion in Vienna. Written and Illustrated by Dr. H. Franz ….. The Rising Generation of Film Artists at the Ufa Education Exhibition. Photos by Bernd Cornelius ….. Five Hours’ Search for a Convoy in St. George’s Channel – A 5,000 Ton Ship had almost Reached the Home Port safely. By Hans A. Kestner, War Correspondent ….. Six against One Hundred and Forty – Three Downs in spite of the Odds / A Tiny Sector of the Aerial Battle of a Single Day on the Channel Coast. By Scharkowski, War Correspondent ….. “Don’t You Remember Me? Why, You Saved My Life!” – The Deed of a Parachutist, Acting Corporal of the Medical Corps. By Hans Georg Schnitzer, War Correspondent ….. Pastime ….. Springtime and Love. Drawings by Martin, Mauder and Arnemann