Der Adler English Edition 1942 04 07 nr 07 (PDF)


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No. 7 ……. Cover: Interlude in Africa – A brief rest after heavy fighting in Cyrenaica provides a few minutes of relaxation. Two “old Africans” have here made friends with a ship of the desert. Photograph by Roman Schlauss (Luftwaffe) ……. Articles Inside: … Dolphins of the Air – Fleet Spotters Escort a Convoy. PK photographs by Wachert (Sch), war correspondent ….. Comrades-in-Arms – The Blue Division in the Struggle against Bolshevism. PK photographs by Schumann, Brieke, Beyer and Jakobi war correspondents ….. Feodosia is a Heap of Ruins. PK Written and Illustrated by Wittmaack (Sch), War Correspondent ….. When the Bomb Drops – Theory and Practice of Bomb Aiming. By Dr. Paul Karlson ….. Pursued by British Armored Cars – “You Take over the Fourth Gun and Act as Tactical Officer”, Said the Battery Commander, as He Shook His Hand. Drawings by Ellgaard, War Correspondent ……. The Warlike Kangaroo – Australia in the Focus of Decisive Events. Photographs by Tschira-Bilderdienst ….. In Grateful Appreciation of Their Heroism ( Field-Marshal General Kesselring, Hauptmann Philipp, Oberleutnant Hagen, Major Hitschold, Hauptmann Peltz, Hauptmann Helbig, Hauptmann Kaldrack KIA, Hauptmann Ubben, Hauptmann Eckerle KIA, and Oberleutnant Ostermann ) ….. Freddy’s Tenth – The Ellermann Battery Has a Hot Time. By Kurt A. St. Jentkiewicz, Drawings by H. von Medvey ….. On the Advance. PK photograph Luftwaffe ….. Gerda Ursula Marie – Herms Niel, Singer of the Soldier’s Lasses. Special for the Adler by Dr. H. Franz ….. Andreas Schlueter. Photographs by the Terra ( Lindner ) ….. Equitation before the Footlights. Photographs from the Wintergarten, Berlin by Dr. H. Franz ….. Little Easter Hares – Spring Provides Surprises for the Ufa Town. Photographs by Bernd Cornelius ….. British Wing Commander Shot Down – German Anti-Aircraft Gun is the Victor in a Breathtaking Gunnery Duel. By L. Winners, War Correspondent ….. Chivvying Two Spitfire Observation Planes over the English Channel. Oberleutnant L. Gains His Thirty-Fourth Air Victory. By Walter Binner, War Correspondent ….. The Trustiest of the Trusty. By Theo Hitzlberger, War Correspondent ….. Pastime ….. What Is That? ….. Easter Eggs. Drawings by Bartha, Pippart and Stange