Der Adler English Edition 1942 03 24 nr 06 (PDF)


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No. 6 ……. Cover: The Commander – The features of this pilot, who as commander is responsible for the whole crew, express thoughtful calm and utmost concentration of purpose. PK-photograph by Sperling war correspondent ……. Articles Inside: … The Exacting Test of the Winter Battle – The Luftwaffe Crushed the Offensive Plans of the Soviet Command. PK photographs by Opitz (Wb), Baas (Wb), Gayk (HH), Kling (Sch), war correspondents, and Luftwaffe ….. Right on the Target! Photograph Luftwaffe ….. After the Rainy Period – The German Luftwaffe is Faced by New Tasks in North Africa. PK photographs Plefke (Sch), Doege (Sch), Oppitz (Sch), Roman Schlaus ( Luftwaffe ), war correspondents and Luftwaffe (Sch) ….. German Parachute Troops Tackle Soviet Tanks – in Ground Fighting before Leningrad. By Hans-Georg Schnitzer, War Correspondent / PK Drawings by Wilhelm Baitz, War Correspondent ….. Soldiers Engaged in Their Civilian Occupations – PK written and Illustrated by Lengwenings war correspondent ….. Saved by a Hairsbreadth – Accidents That Passed off Happily. By Dr. Fritz Flucke, Berlin and Drawing by Max Ludwig, Photos Archiv Junkers and Adler ….. The Air Intelligence Service at an Advanced Post. PK photos by Opitz (Wb), war correspondent ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross ( Oberleutnant Bisping, Oberleutnant Noell, Oberleutnant Fahlbusch, Oberleutnant Schibau, Oberleutnant Lau, Oberleutnant Meckel, Oberleutnant Rossmann, Oberleutnant Thierfelder, Oberleutnant Schenk, Oberfeldwebel Heller and Oberfeldwebel Stechmann ) ….. From the Editor’s Scrapbook – The airship went by air ….. Parachute Troops Learn the Knack of Landing. Photographs by Bruno Waske ….. Berlin as the Central Post Office of Europe. Photographs by Dr. H. Franz ….. The Centenary of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Special article by Dr. H. Franz ….. Night without Farewell – A New Ufa Film. Photos Ufa-Klitzke ….. On Duty with the Aircraft Reporting Service in the Devil’s Swamp. By Boback, War Correspondent ….. The Aerial Battle of February 12 – Escorted by German Fighter Planes through the Strait of Dover / Air Fighting in Heavy Squalls and Snowstorm. By Walter Binner, war correspondent ….. The Debris Flew Sky-High. By Richard Wolff, war correspondent / PK photographs by Siedel (Wb), war correspondent ….. Pastime ….. What Is That? ….. That’s the Way: Drawings by Bartha, Mauder, Nilsson and v. Craigher