Der Adler English Edition 1942 02 24 nr 04 (PDF)


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Cover: Harassing the Foe ……. A Junkers Ju 88, the famous German bomber, attacks enemy supply columns / PK War Correspondent Dr. Petertil ……. Articles Inside … In the Twilight of a Polar Winter – A Field Airdrome in the Far North / PK-Illustrated article by War Correspondent Speck ( Sch ) ….. Aircraft Ships / Photographs by Scherl-Bilderarchiv, Archiv Deutsche Luftwacht, Atlantic, Weltbild ….. The Gibraltar of the East – Singapore, as Seen in More Peaceful Times / Photographs by Auslands-Foto Schroeder ….. Winter Quarters – Building Blockhouses of Unhewn Logs for Our Anti-Aircraft Artillery / PK-Illustrated Report by Kling ( Atl ) ….. Doing Business with an Earthly Paradise – The Position of the East Indies in the Network of International Economics / By Walther Jantzen ….. Airmen Are Victors ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross – Oberstleutnant Bormann, Major Beckh, Hauptmann Hogeback, Hauptmann Bode, Hauptmann Guenzel, Hauptmann Orthofer, Oberleutnant Carganico, Oberleutnant Lang, Oberleutnant Lehmann, Oberleutnant Ruppert, Oberleutnant Spaete, Leutnant Seelmann, Leutnant Rower and Stabsfeldwebel Bock ….. The Struggle for Singapore – Uninterrupted Bombardment of Britain’s Island Fortress from the Air / Drawings by War Correspondent Ellgaard ….. Blind Flight / Photographs by Dr. H. Franz ….. Oberst Galland – Awarded the Oak Leaves with Swords and Diamonds to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross ….. What’s That? ….. The Great King – A Veit Harlan Film of the Tobis / Photographs by the Tobis ( Klagemann ) ….. The Light Muse on the Berlin Stages – “Boccaccio” by Franz von Suppe “…and who, pray, is going to kiss me?” / Photographed specially for the Adler by Dr. H. Franz ….. At the Writing-Table in the Woods – Paul Eipper, Friend of Animals / Photographs by E. Thaler ….. Heuser – German Heavy-Weight Champion / Photographs by Bernd Cornelius ….. Long-Distance Reconnaissance Pilot with a Splendid record of Success – A Squadron Leader Bids Farewell / By Ludwig von Danwitz , War Correspondent ….. Brigitte Horney ….. A He 111 Bomber Eludes Three Beauforts – Daylight Reconnaissance over England Badly Knocked about by Cannon, but Home is Safely Reached / By Kestner, War Correspondent ….. Airplane versus Searchlight – Twelve Hundred Million Candle-Power Grab at s Bomber / By Hans A. Kestner, War Correspondent ….. Pastime ….. Cartoons: Made in USA / Drawings by Josef Mauder