Der Adler English Edition 1942 02 10 nr 03 (PDF)


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No. 3 ……. Cover: Taking off at Thirty Degrees below Zero ……. The ground personnel are busy conveying bombs to a Ju 87 dive bomber just about to take off. However bitter the cold may be, or biting the wind – our Luftwaffe at the Eastern Front is always ready for duty. PK drawing by Ellgaard war correspondent ……. Articles Inside: In the Icy Wind in the East Transport Pilots at Work. PK photographs by Trapp (Wb), war correspondent ….. War Marriage in Absence. Photographs by Rob. A. E. Bauer ….. The Miraculous Eye The Possibilities of Exploration from the Air. By Dr. Paul Karlson ….. A Heavy Bomb. Photograph by Dr. Franz ….. A Dethroned Continent Australia Plunges into the Pacific War. By Wolf Schmalfuss ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross ( Major Bauer, Hauptmann Schmid, Oberleutnant Graf, Oberleutnant Michalek, Oberleutnant Petzhold, Oberleutnant Schlosser, Oberleutnant Feiffer, Oberleutnant Leesmann, Oberfeldwebel Lutter, Oberfeldwebel Beier, Oberfeldwebel Wurmheller and Unteroffizier Beerenbrock ) ….. The Talismans of Our Airmen Squadron Emblems of the German Air Corps. PK photographs by the war correspondents Carstensen (PBZ), Dreesen (Sch), Gaebel (Wb), Heider (Wb), Lubbert (Sch), Lysiak (Wb), Stift (Wb), Trapp (Wb), Schaller, Stoecker and Adler Archives ….. Connection Has Been Made… – How Radio Operators are Trained. Photographs by Dr. H. Franz ….. File Leader in the Far North Impressions of a Journey in Finland. Special report for the Adler by Dr. Grassman ….. Low-level Attacks on Soviet Troops. Drawings by H. von Medvey ….. Look Out! We’re Diving! PK photographs by Ruge, war correspondent ….. From the Editor’s Scrapbook ….. Death of Count von Kageneck. PK drawing by Willrich, war correspondent ….. The Greatest Blessing is Good Health Safety Devices for the Worker in the German Aircraft Industry. Photographs by Dr. H. Franz and Junkers-Werke ….. Secret Dossier W.B. 1 Wilhelm Bauer, The Fate of a German Inventor. The Herbert Selpin film entitled Geheimakte WB I ….. Soviet Pilot Shakes His Fist Seven Soviet Fighter Planes Attack a Ju 88 Dive Bomber, But the Crew Reached Their Base with the Machine. By Rudolf Dietrich, war correspondent ….. Cigarettes by Marshal Kvaternik ….. Cease Fire! German Fighters! – Air Force assists German Convoy. By Otto Bohm, war correspondent ….. Pastime ….. Cutting Capers Cartoons