Der Adler English Edition 1942 01 13 nr 01 (PDF)


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No. 1 ……. Cover: Equipped for Fresh Tasks ……. The observer in the cockpit of a Heinkel bomber of the He 111 type. Following up the great successes gained in 1941, the German Luftwaffe is equipped for fresh tasks – for final victory. PK photograph by Hug, war correspondent, (HH) ……. Articles Inside: … Renown and Victory – The German Air Corps in the War Year 1941 / By General der Flieger Quade, PK Photographs by Blachhaus ( Wb ), Wegener ( Atl ), Zilling, war correspondents, Focke-Wulf, and Luftwaffe ….. The XY Bomber Wing / PK illustrated report by Grosse ( Atl ), war correspondent ….. Oak Leaves to the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross – Hauptmann Gollob und Oberleutnant Graf v. Kageneck ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross – Hauptmann Linke, Hauptmann Freiherr v. Beust, Oberleutnant Skorczewski, Oberleutnant Tonne, Oberfeldwebel Buehligen, Unteroffizier Melzer ….. The Eternal Spirit of the Samurai – How the Japanese Soldier Fights and Dies / By Prof. Junyu Kitayama, Photographs by Mauritius, Handke Collection ….. Japan Hits Hard – The End of the “Prince of Wales” / Drawing by H. v. Medvey ….. Anti-aircraft Guns before Leningrad / PK Photographs by Fred ( Sch ), war correspondent ….. Reich Marshal Goering Visits Oberst Galland – A field airdrome in the West / PK Photographs by Boecker, war correspondent ….. When the Target Lies Accurately in the Sight – How Observers and Bomb Aimers are Trained / Written specially for the Adler by Dr. H. Franz ….. German Airmen Recover Their Health – Visit to the Section for Physical Culture Therapy / By Major ( Med. ) Lauschner, Photographs by G. von Gerlach ….. The ‘Flying Wire Entanglement’ – Once upon a Time… How the Cantilever Wing Originated / By Dr. Herbert Muellenbach ….. The Kremlin, the Stronghold of Soviet Tyranny / Photograph Luftwaffe ( Sch ) ….. Captured Enemy Planes Are Critically Examined / Special for the Adler by Dr. H. Franz ….. Wounded Soldiers entertain the Home Front – Two Merry Hours in a Berlin General Hospital / Specially Written for the Adler by Dr. H. Franz ….. Forty Artists under One Roof / Specially Written for the Adler by Dr. H. Franz ….. Rivals for Roswitha’s Hand – A Film of the Devous Ways of Youthful Love / Photographs by Ufa ( Lindner ) ….. A Wild Flight Home – Dramatic Experience of an He 111 Bomber after a Raid / By Udo Wolter, War Correspondent ….. Over Moscow with an Engine in Flames – The Bombs were Dropped on the Target in Spite of All / By Wolfgang Kchler, War Correspondent ….. Pastime ….. Cartoons – Looking forward A Glimpse of 1999 / An Airman’s Daydreams Drawings by Hellmut Maenner