Der Adler English Edition 1941 12 30 nr 26 (PDF)


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No. 26 ……. Cover: The Gave the Russians the Slip – Two men of a bomber wing had to make a forced landing behind the enemy lines, but managed to find their way back at great peril through the Soviet Troops. They were welcomed with great rejoicing. ……. Articles Inside: … The Battle in Libya – The British Prestige Offensive in Africa / PK photographs by Billhardt (Wb), war correspondent; Photos by Alexander Bergmoser; sketch map by Hoerich ….. Only Nerve Can Save! – Coup de main by a Lieutenant of the Air Intelligence Service / By Paul Broszio, War Correspondent and Drawings by H. von Medvey ….. Driven to Death for the Sake of Dollars – Why America Entered the World War 1914/1918 / By Wolf Schmalfuss ….. A Fleet Occupies a Forlorn Position – Results Achieved by the German Luftwaffe in the Struggle with the British Navy and Mercantile Marine / Drawing by H. von Medvey ….. Airmen as Seamen / PK-Illustrated report by Goericke, war correspondent ….. Portable and Flying Engine Test Bench / Specially written for the ADLER by Dr. H. Franz ….. Air Cadets – Training for a Pilot at the Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalt / Special for the ADLER by Dr. H. Franz ….. “General Winter” Checkmated! / PK-Photographs by war correspondents Schalber (Wb), Hug (Atl), Juette (Wb), Rompel (Ach) and Wurst (Sch) ….. How They Won the Knight’s Cross ( Oberleutnant Emig KIA, Oberleutnant Boest, Oberleutnant Buchholz, Oberleutnant Freitag, Oberleutnant Mons, Oberleutnant Olejnik, Leutnant Nordmann, Leutnant Geishardt, Leutnant Evers, Leutnant Wenigmann, Oberfeldwebel Schmidt and Oberfeldwebel Schentke ) ….. Bombs on Haifa / PK Drawings by Ellgaard, war correspondent ….. A Leap from the Stratosphere – Parachute Jumping from Great Altitudes / Photo by Presse-Hoffmann ….. Dear Dad, I’m Building a Model Plane / Photos by Rondophor ….. Air Corps Athletes Show What They Can Do – Pictures from the games held by the Luftwaffen-Sportverein in the Deutschlandhalle, Berlin / Specially photographed for the ADLER by Dr. H. Franz ….. Warlike Youth – “Cadets” A Film of the Days of Frederick the Great / Photographs by Ufa ( Kranert and Rotzinger ) ….. That Was Our Most Difficult Mission – Dramatic Narrative of the Experiences of the Crew of a Life-Saving Plane / Udo Wolter, War Correspondent ….. The Main Thing is to be Prepared – Quiet Heroism of Our Fleet-Spotters Always in Touch with the Enemy, Always Fighting / By Kurt Wimmers, War Correspondent ….. The Clouds Are Reddened by the Glare of the Explosions – Raiding the British Fleet – Air Torpedo Hits Heavy English Cruiser – 30,000 Tons Sunk to Date / By Heinz Elsner, War Correspondent ….. Christmastide Cartoons / Drawings by Werner Kruse and Pinguin