Der Adler English Edition 1941 12 16 nr 25 (PDF)


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No. 25 ……. Cover: Low Level Attack on Soviet Troops – Messerschmitt Me 110 destroyers are hard on the heels of the enemy retreating in wild disorder. The operations on the Eastern Front are proceeding according to plan, in spite of enormous difficulties due to the weather and the state of the ground. ……. Articles Inside: … With Night Binoculars, Compasses, and Stop-Watch – German Night Observation Pilots at the Eastern Front / PK-Illustrated report by Grosse (PBZ), war correspondent ….. I’ll be Damned – if it isn’t a Commissary! / PK Drawings by Ellgaard, war correspondent ….. Full Hit Amidships ….. Seven Gunners from the Light Anti-Aircraft Artillery / PK photographs by Freytag, war correspondent ….. The Power Heart of the Airplane – Work and Performance of Modern German Aero-engines / By Gerhard Meyer and Photographs Archiv Meyer, Junkers ….. Croatian Airmen at the Eastern Front / PK photographs by Rauchwetter (Atl) and Luetzow (Atl), war correspondent ….. Ernst Udet and Werner Moelders / PK photographs by Juette (Atl) (PBZ) and Eitel Lange, war correspondent, photo Hoffmann-Scherl, Rob Roehr, Heeresarchiv Potsdam ….. Wounded in Africa – Over the Mediterranean in a Junkers Ambulance / Drawings by Ruhe ( Luftwaffen-Sanitaes-Insp. ) ….. Marshal Antonescu Awards Distinctions to German Airmen / PK photos by Horster, war correspondent ….. Repair Shop at the Front / PK-Illustrated report by Goericke, war correspondent ….. Where Materials Are Tested – The Work of a German Aviation Research Laboratory / By Dr. H. Franz ….. The General Goering Regiment Intervenes / Drawing by H. von Medvey ….. From the Editor’s Scrapbook “Only during complete calm” Recollections of the early days of aviation ….. General Der Flieger Helmuth Wilberg Dies from Crash ….. An Air Fleet Commander Bids Farewell to a Dive-Bomber Commander Killed in Action ( Hauptmann Keil ) ….. Shell-Fire in the Classroom / Photographs by Dr. H. Franz ….. Items from the Pantry and Wardrobe of Our Airmen / PK photographs by Joergensen (Wb) war correspondent ….. Youth in Sunshine and Snow / Photographs Bavaria-Filmkunst ….. What the courtain conceals – Producing an Opera in the Deutsches Opernhaus, Berlin / By Dr. H. Franz ….. Searchlights / PK-Illustrated report by Lysiak, war correspondent (Wb) ….. Kristina Soederbaum in “The Golden City” ….. A Crew of Four Destroy Twenty Machines – A Wild Coup de Main by Corporal K. and His Crew / By Otto Schwartz, War Correspondent ….. We Brought Them All Back – A Do 24 Flying Boat Rescues the Crew of a Sail-boat after Being Attacked by an English Destroyer ….. Low-level Flight over the Crimea – Dashing Raid by German Bombers / By Ludwig von Donwitz, War Correspondent ….. Home Leave Cartoons / Drawings by Hugo Maenner