Der Adler English Edition 1941 12 02 nr 24 (PDF)



No. 24 ……. Cover: Permission to Fire! – The glorious record of the German anti-aircraft artillery at the eastern front also has proved their worth wherever employed, whether for repelling tank attacks, or for fighting enemy aircraft or ground troops. Our picture shows a heavy gun in battery position. ……. Articles Inside: … No Breathing Spell for the Soviet Troops / PK photographs by war correspondents Bauer (Sch), Dreesen (Sch), Hug (Atl), Genzler (Sch), and by the Luftwaffe ….. Stronger than Death – The Heroic Deed of Oberfeldwebel Bender / By Adalbert Norton and Drawings by M. Ludwig ….. Moelders Visits the Blue Division / PK photographs by Lessmann war correspondent ….. Low-Level Raid on the Railroad Site at K. L. / Photos by Luftwaffe ….. A Scandal about Panama – A Glimpse behind the Scenes of the Washington Imperialists ….. Bombs on Chungking / By Kinji Sudo war correspondent and photographs by courtesy of Japan Photo Library ….. The Quadruplet – a New Weapon of the German anti-aircraft artillery / PK photos by Reimers, war correspondent (Wb) ….. Luftwaffen-Sportverein Collects for the Kriegswinterhilfswerk / Photographs specially taken by Dr. H. Franz ….. The Technische Nothilfs Organization Helps the Luftwaffe / Photographs by Schliemann (Weltbild) ….. Sporting Event in Athens / Photographs by Rob A. E. Bauer ….. The W. Family – Father, Mother and Son as Comrade Workers / Photographs specially taken for the ADLER by Dr. H. Franz ….. Gleaming Tracks in the Night Sky – A Short Conversation in an Air Raid Shelter / By Otto Kappelmayer and Photos by Melicher (PBZ) and Luedecke ….. “Fraue Luena” and Paul Lincke – The Creator of the Berlin Operette Celebrates His Seventy-fifth Birthday / Specially written for the ADLER by Dr. H. Franz ….. In Unchanging Rhythm – Aerial Warfare in the East / Pages from a Diary: Part III With the pathfinders of the air / By Dr. Kurt Honolka, War Correspondent ….. Farewell to Josef Grabler ( Der Adler war correspondent killed near Candia, Crete) ….. By Rail to the Starting Point ( Glider Training ) / Photographs by Heinemann (Mauritius) and Ney (NSFK) ….. A Ju 52 Transport Plane under Anti-Aircraft Fire – The Transport Planes Have Their Front Experiences Also / By Joachim Liebig, War Correspondent ….. Dive Bombers – Effect and Success of Stuka Attacks as Experienced and Described by the Army / By Fritz Krause, War Correspondent ….. From the Editor’s Scrapbook – Bow waves before an airplane ….. Merry Medley from Radio and Cable Cartoons / Drawings by Gerd Pinguin