Der Adler 1940 04 16 nr 08 (PDF)


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Cover: Thanks to the Creator of Greater Germany on 20 April, the expansion of the Air Force was made possible through the first act Adolf Hitler’s rearmament of Germany.
Inside Articles: POW camp for captured British and French airmen ( Dulag Luft ), Wing-Commander Obersleutnant Day, Oberleutnant Casey, Polish POW’s serving the pilots. By Dr. Wolf Strache
French Sergeant Brard, Oberstleutnant Enseln, Leutnant Noel, Oberleutnant Beranger; Flying Officer Wimberley
Pilots drinking Whiskey and Schwarzwalder Kirschwasser
Me-109 taking on a Morane plane. By Richard Hess
Pictures of various German planes badly damaged but able to return home. By Dr. Herbert Mullenbach
German parachutes
The Third Encounter – Captain Guitry’s last dogfight. By Georg Bose
Eckstein Cigaretten