Consolidated Vultee News 1943 10 02 nr 14 (PDF)



Vol. I – No. 14; 4 pages
‘Boot Straps’ Relates Story of Convair: T.R. Girdler First Aid Program Under Way: E.A. Kirkpatrick Creation of Sea Wolf Begins in Engineering Department: Paul Knepper, N.P. Louden, Ralph Hopkins, E.P. Williams, Al Kline, George Lazo First steps in the production of the Sea Wolf: Arnold Wilcox, Wes Temming, Homer Gray, Leif Flones, Bob Lindberg, Francis Quimet, William Arner, Frances Stayduber, Elsie Leitgeb, Madeleine Greagner, Helen Delucas, Rose Mdeinach, C.H. Metzger, Johnny Meyers, James Loving, C.T. Dorsett, W.L. Dieter, E.A. Raynolds, H.J. Scammel, B.G. Bromberg Adult Education Courses Offered at Muhlenberg Convair Warplanes In Action Jerks Natural Liberator, Dream Crew B-24 Gerry Snyder with Armine Moroukian, Agnes Fisher, Michale J. My Lymuk, Raymond Smith Corsair F4U-1, Fighter Plane, Is Match For Zero Linerator Gets Zoot Snoot Emerson electric turret Recipe of the week: Mrs. David J. Clauss Snaps of the week: Walter Parry with his son and two daughters, Jeanette Parry Horlacher and Evelyn M. Parry A New Member of the Caterpillar Club: Paul D. Berk, test pilot for Pratt and Whitney, Paul D. Ciganek, Mr. Berk, Bob McCann, J.J. McVeigh Convair Musical Revue in the Making: William Fath, E.M. Marcus, Wayne Flickinger, Catharine Coppinger, Charles Manhart, James OBrien, Karl Schuon, Becky Snyder