Consolidated Vultee News 1943 09 25 nr 13 (PDF)



Vol. I – No. 13; 4 pages
The Tide Went Out: 3 US soldiers dead on the beach of Buna Gas Ration Cut Expected In Local Area: Reduction of 39,201 gallons per month will be necessary Crowd Greet Sgt. Basilone In Hometown R.E. Reynolds Heads Industrial Training Here Paul Urban and his recipe Gerry Snyder with Dorothy Silfies, W.J. Singley, J.G. Shedmock, Ann M. Savadge Convair Goes to a Giant War Bond Rally: Sgt. Basilone, Eddie Bracken, Douglas R4D4 San Diego, J.A. Williams and Virginia Grey, Gene Lockhart, Bernie Kamber manager for the War Activities Committee of the Motion Picture Industries; Eddie Bracken, Miss Grey, Mr. Williams; Cadet Midshipman Morton Deitz, Merchant Marine; Charles A. Beirbauer, R.E. Brown; Robert J. Croak MM 1c, USCG; Staff Sergeant Schiller Cohen, AAF; Ward L. Gemmer, BM, 2c, USN William H.G. Goit chosen chief inspector at Miami the Martin Baltimore (A-30) Snaps of the Week: native Brazilian Louis Ribeiro; Happy Birthday to Dave Hunter, guests: Mike Labyak, Frank Hoss, Harold George, Anthony Imhof, Harold Randt, Dave Hunter, Paul Johnson, Paul Mose Sauerwine, Charles Minnich, Orval Beaver, Howard Master, Charles Trumbauer, Clair Goodmann, Ray Souerwine and Alfred Moll; women bowlers: Cora Neitz, Emilie Murray, Melva Ressler; Allen Rothlisberg, son of A.G. Rothlisberg; Jackie and Betty Ann, children of John Vockroth; The Tool Illustration Group: Leonore Edel, Emil Rothman, Dorothy Allen, Doris Conrad, Mrs. Elma Pfleiger, Lloyd Pfleiger, Sidney Quinn, Jean Yuhr, Wiliam Ross, Richard Couron and Martha Callen; splashing in the YMCA pool: George Granerm William Graul, Mary Vorsteg, Bill Graul, Nannette Riegel, Doris Yates, Julie Velte, Dale Kester