Consolidated Vultee News 1943 08 21 nr 08 (PDF)



Vol. I – No. 8; 4 pages
Army’s First Heavy Bomber Designed By Inspection Chief Here: Barling Bomber with John Carisi, Mr. Dichman, Walter Barling, General Billy Mitchell, Major H.S. Martin, General Robbins, Lieutenant Bissell 10th Air Force Mervin Marco Named Industrial Head for Division Ray G. Hurst To Assist Works Manager Brown Laddon, Callery Visit Plant Hybrid Vehicles Mrs. M.J. Wildonger and the recipe of the week Gerry Snyder and Kay Hildenberger, James C. Keiper, John Dobil, Mrs. Mildred Dougherty Liberator Express, C-87, Carries Allied Supplies Timechecker Trains As He Works; Daily Walks To Airport Keep Him Fit: Glenn Wampole and Miss Jeda Becker Duke Garlands birthday with Lloyd Link, H.W. Dalby, J.A. Hunter, Paul Johnson, Bob Boyer, Dorothy Follweiler, Don Hume, Charley Minnich, Frances Wieand, and Peggy Greenburg Material Control Team: Phil Portz, Hugh Beachler, Wiliam Fath, Dick Kummery, John Yeager, Clarence Nace, Dave White, Bill Kunkle, Ed Gerhart, Nelson Miller, Glenn Lutz, Jack Webster, Joe Altieri, W. Campbell, J. Lipsky, G. Walters, J. Bussing, D. Nonnemacher, Robert Sponeybarger