Consolidated Vultee News 1943 07 31 nr 05 (PDF)



Vol. I – No. 5; 4 pages
Convair Airport Is 70% Complete: Opening Slated for September, David Herman Capt. Phillip Neuweiler of the CAP stands beside his Bellanca Cruisair Tire Ration Rules Given Foreman Attend San Diego Forum: Leroy Border Convair Radio Show Scheduled: Major Joe Kilgore and Capt. William T. Ponder Convair Warplanes In Action Gerry Snyder with Dick Fleming, Margaret Wallitsch, Fern O. Baum, Paul Wolfe Mailboy Violinist is Well-Known For Gypsy Music: Berczi or Oklahoma Al Fledglings: Sandra Elaine Laubach, daughter of Violet and LeRoy P. Laubach, Tommy Maurer, son of Russell Maurer, Robert and Donald Andrews, sons of Herbert C. Andrews Convair Answers Stuka With Vengeance: The Vengeance dive bomber (A-31) Trainee Group Now in Plant: Ed Hillern Snaps of the week: Doris Bauer, Betty Lee Faust, Jeanne Seifert, and Kay Yurick