Consolidated Vultee News 1943 07 24 nr 04 (PDF)



Vol. I – No. 4; 4 pages

┬áNavy Cites Our Plane As Tops In Its Class – Lieutenant Commander A.B. Metzger, Navy Bureau of Aeronautics
Miss Convair Dorothy Kistler and Ruth Warmkessel; judges: Dave White, Bill Goit, Bob McCann, Charley Nabholz, Elmer Osenbach
Pay Turned Into Bonds Martha Pease The Inquiring Photographer: Gerry Snyder with Mrs. Yeager, Mrs. Sauerwine, Mrs. White, Mrs. McLeod The Consolidated Vultee Valiant Basic Trainer Lucky Prize Winners At Convair Picnic: Mrs. Minnich, wife of Charles Minnich (electrician), Baby Rose Marie Mahr (5 months old) with proud parents Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mahr (Engineering; sheet metal), Navy Bill Goit, Inspector of Navy Aircraft, USN with Mrs. Goit and Mr. Joseph Nabholz (Maintenance) and Mrs. Nabholz Convair goes to the Picnic, Sunday July 18th: Larry Boeing, Mrs. Lyla Maxwell, Mrs. Boeing, The Industrial Relations Department, Dorothy Kistler, Betty Wenner, Marie Karpowich, Dawn Krause, Pearl Flickinger, Lucille Schaeffer, Esther Leber, Edna Couron, Ardella Salede, Helen Haberen, Norma Galowick, Tom Herbert, G.E. Losey, Mrs. R.F. Doll, Jr., R.F. Doll, Mrs. G.E. Losey and Mac, contestants for Miss Convair in uniform: Virginia Shaw, Doris Melber, Ruth Warmkessel (winner), and Ethel Shellhammer, Miss Convair in bathing suit: Anne Green, Ruth Youse, Winner Dorothy Kistler, Lilian Benner and Dorothy Allen, Jane Wolcott, daughter of Earl Wolcott, young Miss Matlock, Tiny Jane, Lorraine DeWalt and Elaine Knauss, E.W. Osenbach, Sandra Jean Richards, Jack Williams, R.J. McMahon, Jack Brandt and Donald Keiper, son of Mr. Mrs. Richard Keiper