Boeing NEWS 1944 05 (PDF)


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Vol. XIV No. 5 ……. Cover: Windmill … The sixteen laminated spruce blades of this huge fan can set the wind whipping at 700 miles per hour through the new Boeing wind tunnel. The streamlined nacelle smooths the air past the fan’s hub. Photo by Robert Yarnall Ritchie. ……. Inside Articles: …

The Briefing Tomorrow’s Planes “Fly” Here – In the new Boeing research laboratory and wind tunnel will be born many aeronautical developments of the future. There Boeing engineers plot further refinements for today’s planes and investigate revolutionary designs for tomorrow’s. By Helen Call

Hurricane in Harness – In case you’re puzzled about just what a wind tunnel is, what it does and how it works, here’s a layman’s explanation of the new Boeing laboratories.’Chute the Ammunition – Here’s the exciting story of how a single venerable B-17 slugged it out with Jap planes and Jap troops, and delivered the goods that helped win the Admiralties.

Invitation to Surrender page ( Leaflets )

The Cost of Air Victory – Here’s the side of our European air campaign that you don’t usually read about in the communiques. Here are the men you know, and the planes you built, that will never fly again.

The Boeing Farm Bloc – Among Boeing plane makers are a number of landed gentry who keep up farm production along with Boeing production. Practically every shop has its farmers, who are weathering the help shortage and the food shortage by growing their own grub, and who help feed others by keeping the markets stocked with their crops. All of them claim to be happy even though hurried by their double life in factory and farm.

Clockwork on the Wing Line – When the foreman in shop 304 mutters “single wing to the right” and looks at the shop stop clock he’s just as intent on watching the wings go by as he would be watching the pigskin sail toward a pair of goalposts.

The First “B-17” Was a Helicopter By Margaret Young

Behind the Big Wind ( Wind Tunnel )