Army Talks 1944 06 07 (PDF)




Vol. II No. 23

16 pages

Greetings from Goebbels

You know how the Nazis used psychological warfare before 1930 to secure ” bloodless ” conquests in the Rhineland, Austria and Czechoslovakia. Hitler’s propaganda machine is still a most effective weapon. Nazi agents can plant rumors and disunity stories in any town perhaps they’ve been active in the town near your airfield, depot or camp. Propaganda attack is used not only against the men in the fox holes, where German loud speakers bray Goebbels’ message and planes and shells scatter his leaflets, but can be focused on ground crews in East Anglia or stevedores in a west coast port. Nazi hooey, clever though it is, can’t stand up to the facts. Soldiers, everywhere, must be prepared and inoculated against the Goebbels germ just as they are against an attack of typhus. Both can destroy military efficiency.