Air Tech 1942 10 (PDF)




Vol. I nr 01
62 pages
Meet General Weaver
New Jap Planes : AT-27, Suzukaze 20
Sound and Fury by Capt. Burr Leyson – What makes the modern bomb this war’s most destructive single weapon?
Wind, Sand and Trouble by Capt. Charles Kennett, RAF – Africa’s heat and sand add hazard, not romance, to maintenance crew’s life in the Middle East Command
Portrait of the P-47
Plastic Plywood by George B. Parsons – America’s answer to aluminum shortage
John Dolan, Master Sergeant
Prone Fighters
Patching Plexiglas
Riveting with Firecrackers
Front Line Planes: P-51, Bowius Two-Place Glider, P-47, B-19, B-17, B-25, P-40F
School for Destruction by Corp. Jack Angell
Scott Field – AAF Radio University
In Defense of the P-40
Propeller Maintenance by Robert L. Scheuerman
Gas, Hot and Otherwise by H. Kristofferson
How High is Up? by J. Clifton Carr
Keep ‘Em Cooling by Everard M. Lester
Tech Album
Fifth Column Signals