U.S. Navy Pre-Flight School – Iowa City – The Spindrift

The Spindrift issues were published weekly by the Pre-flight School at Iowa City, Iowa. The First Class at the School began Thursday May 28, 1942 with 242 Cadets. The Second Class began June 11, 1942 with another 242 Cadets. The last Class began in August 1944. By mid December of 1943, 10,000 Navy Cadets had graduated from the school. ……. The format for the paper was 8-3/8″ x 10-3/4″ with 8 to 12 pages. ……. This paper was illustrated by the artist/cartoonist “Ted” W. Drake beginning with the first issue, after the staff having found that he could draw. Ted was also the creator of Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish Logo as well as that of the Chicago Bull’s. ……. The Artwork, by Ted, to the left is of Capt. David C. Hanrahan. The top drawing was done in April 1942 and the bottom in December of 1943. ……….. The volume and numbers on some issues are mis-numbered but the dates are correct for the issue.

The Spindrift 1942
The Spindrift 1943
The Spindrift 1944
The Spindrift 1945