ATC Alaskan Division- 1452 AAF Base Unit – Air Base Beacon

Edited and published each Saturday by the Air Base for the officers and enlisted men. Air Base Beacon received complete Camp Newspaper Service, an official unit of the Special Service Division, which supplied news, features and art for camp publication. All Photos were by the Base Photographic Section. During the war this paper could be mailed to the United States for six cents postage if enclosed in a letter or 1-1/2 cents if sent in a wrapper as third class matter. The Editor was addressed at: Air Base Beacon, 1452nd AAF Base Unit, A.T.C… APO 462, c/o Postmaster, Minneapolis, Minn. The paper’s format is 11″ x 15″ with 6 pages. Unit’s base of operations was Blatchford Field at Edmonton, then at Namao just North of Edmonton in 1945.