059 93rd Infantry Division

Nickname: None recorded. . Shoulder Patch: A French army helmet in blue on a field of black. The patch is circular in shape. The helmet symbolizes the service of the regiments of the division with French divisions during the First World War .. History: Activated: December, 1917, Camp Stuart, Newport News, Virginia. The nucleus of the division was composed of Negroes from Connecticut, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Tennessee and South Carolina Infantry Regiments. In France the 369th, 370th, 371st and 372nd Infantry Regiments were brigaded with the French Army. Of these units, only the 369th is part of the 93rd Division today. The 369th took part in the Champagne-Maine defense, the Aisne-Marne offensive and in the operations of the Fourth French Army. The 25th has an older history, dating back to 1869. Training: Reactivated: May 15, 1942, Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, Third Army. In April, 1943, the 93rd took part in Louisiana maneuvers, Third Army, and in July, 1943, moved to Camp Young, California. Maneuvers in the California-Arizona Maneuver Area were held November – December, 1943. Overseas: January, 1944 (SWP). . Commanding Generals: Maj. Gen. Charles P. Hall, May-October, 1942; Maj. Gen. Fred W. Miller, October, 1942, to May, 1943: Maj. Gen. Raymond G. Lehman, May, 1943, to Aug., 1944; Maj. Gen. Harry H. Johnson, Aug., 1944, to present. . Component Units: (As of Jan., 1944): 25th, 368th and 369th Inf. Regiments; 593rd, 594th, 895th (L) and 596th (M) FA Battalions. Higher Command: Sixth Army. . Combat Highlights: First Negro unit larger than a regiment (first regiment was the 24th) to engage the enemy during this war, the 93rd had its first taste of action at Empress Augusta Bay on Bougainville Island during the Northern Solomons campaign early in April, 1944. The division operated against the Japs along the Numa-Numa trail and the Laruma river during April, working along with the 37th Division. The 93rd had secured by the end of April the Saua river and a portion of the land east of the Tarokina river. In May and June, 1944, the division moved to the Treasury Island group, having completed its mission of harassing the Japs and denying to them a line of supply from Southern Bougainville. The division was next announced as having been assigned as a defense force at Morotai Island in the Dutch East Indies during the early months of 1945. In July, 1945, the 93rd was announced to have been moved to the Philippines in preparation for the projected push on the mainland of Japan. Advance elements landed at Mindanao.