021 31st Infantry Division

Nickname: Dixie Division. . Shoulder Patch: The patch is a white disc on which is a red circle. Within the circle are two red Ds back to back, for Dixie Division. . Slogan: “It Shall Be Done.” . Source: National Guard Units. . History: Organized: Oct., 1917, Camp Wheeler. Ga. Overseas: Sept.-Oct.-Nov., 1918. Training: Inducted: Nov. 25, 1940, Camp Blanding. Fla. Other stations: Camp Bowie, Camp Shelby and Camp Pickett. AGF: Mar. 9, 1942. Maneuvers: La., 1941; Carolinas, Louisiana, 1943. Overseas: Feb., 1944 ( SWP ) . Commanding Generals: Maj. Gen. John C. Persons, Nov., 1940, to Sept., 1944; Maj. Gen. Clarence A. Martin, Sept., 1944 to present. . Component Units: (As of Feb., 1944): 154th, 155th and 167th (dates back to 1836) Infantry Regiments; 114th (M), 116th, 117th and 149th (L) FA Battalions. The 154th Regt. was disbanded overseas and replaced by the 124th Inf., which dates back to 1887. Higher Commands (Combat) Sixth and Eighth Armies. . Awards: Commended by Lt. Gen. Robert Eichelberger, Commanding General, Eighth Army, for splitting Jap forces in Mindanao. . Combat Highlights: The 124th Inf. saw action first at Aitape in March, 1944. In bloody fighting along the Druinimor river, the Regiment killed 3000 Japs and helped to trap 30,000 more. The 135th and 167th Regiments had it a bit easier in the Wakde-Samni area and captured Wakde, May 18, killing 1000 Japs. The Division sailed from Maffin Bay for Morotai and on Sept. 15, 1944, hit the beaches there, seizing Pitoe Airdrome by noon of D-Day,. Capture of Morotai gave U. S, forces control of Halmahera Sea, and cut off 20,000 Japs A combat team of the 167th, Nov, 15, backtracked several hundred miles to take Mapia Island and knock out a Jap spotter station, The Battalion killed 167 Japs, losing 12 Americans killed. A reinforced Company of the 124th landed in the Asia Island group but found no Japs. After months of defense operations in the Morotai area, the 31st was sent to Mindanao, P. I, Apr., 1945 The Division pushed North from Kabacan and headed off a Jap force advancing to attack that city., The Japs were defeated in a 6-hour engagement. Working through central Mindanao, the 31st reached and captured the former American air base at Valencia, May 18. Five days later, the Division paced a nine-division assault to clean out the last major Japanese resistance In the Philippines and to capture the provincial capital of Malaybalay, last big enemy-held city on Mindanao.