014 24th Infantry Division

Nickname: Victory Division (Filipinos greeted 24th at Leyte with V sign.) . Shoulder Patch: Yellow bordered taro leaf on red circle bordered in black. . Source; Regular Army units. . History: Units of the division date back to the War between the States. Capt. A. S. Rowan (“message to Garcia”) was a company commander in the 19th Regt. . Training: Activated: Oct. 1, 1941, Hawaii. . Commanding Generals: Maj. Gen. Durward S. Wilson, Oct., 1941, to July, 1942; Maj. Gen. Frederick A. Irving, Aug., 1942, to Oct., 1944; Maj. Gen. Roscoe B. Woodruff, Nov., 1944, to present. . Component Units: (As of Dec. 7, 1941) 19th, 21st and 34th Infantry Regiments.; 11th (M), 13th, 56th and 63d (L) FA Battalions. Higher Commands, Sixth, Eighth Armies. . Awards: Distinguished Unit Citation to 2d Bn., 19th Regt., action on Leyte, Nov. 10 – 23, 1944; to 1st Bn., 34th Regt., Leyte, Nov. 10 – Dec. 4, 1944; to 34th Regt. units, Corregidor, Feb. 16 – 28, 1945. . Combat Highlights: The 24th suffered casualties in the Jap sneak attack, Dec. 7, 1941. It was assigned the task of building defenses in northern Oahu, moving to Australia Aug. – Sept., 1943, and to Goodenough Island, Jan., 1944. Landing of the 24th in Dutch New Guinea, Apr. 22, 1944, has been called a perfect tactical operation. In five days, the 24th took an important airfield and by June 6, captured 502 Japs, killed 1771. The 34th Regiment then went to Biak and with the 41st Division helped capture Boroke and Soride Airdromes. The 19th and 34th Regiments landed on Leyte, Oct. 20, 1944, and saw action at Jaro, Pinamopoan and Breakneck Ridge. (The 21st Regiment captured the ridge). The 19th and 21st then landed on Mindoro Island, sending elements to Marinduque Island. The 34th Regt. spearheaded for the 38th Division above Subic Bay, Jan. 29, 1945, leading them to Zig-Zag Pass. The 3d Battalion, 34th, supported paratroopers in the assault on Corregidor. Meanwhile, the 2nd and 3rd Battalions, 19th Regt., came from Mindoro to join, the drive of the 11th Airborne Division on Manila from the south. They fought their way to Fort McKinley. Elements of the 24th Division, assembling on Mindoro, neutralized Lubang, Verde, Simara and Remblon Islands. On Apr. 17, the 24th hit at Parang, Mindanao. The 19th Regt. was sent overland and the 21st Regt. moved up the Mindanao river supported by gunboats to join the 19th at Fort Pikit. The 34th went on to Digos. The Division reached Davao in June.