001 1st Infantry Division

Nickname: Fighting First (also The Red One)……. Shoulder Patch and Origin: Red Arabic numeral “1” on solid olive drab background. Patch is a pentagon; the upper portion forms a rectangle, with the lower end shaped off as a triangle. Patch originated in World War I when 1st Division man clipped piece of red cloth in shape of “1” from cap of enemy, pinned it to his sleeve……. Slogan: “No mission is too difficult, no sacrifice too great.” ……. Song: “The Spirit of the First Division.” ……. Type of Division: Regular Army……. History: The 1st Division is the Army’s oldest, activated June 8, 1917 It (World War I) was first to arrive in France, to fire on the enemy, to suffer casualties, to capture prisoners, to stage a major offensive, to enter Germany……. Training: In March, 1942, the division was sent to Camp Blanding, Florida., for further training and later to Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania. Left this country: August, 1942. Served in North African and European Theaters. Overseas training: Amphibious training in England in preparation for “D” Day……. Commanding Generals: Maj. Gen. Donald Cubbison, July, 1941, to May, 1942; Maj. Gen. Terry de la Mesa Allen, June, 1942, to July, 1943; Maj. Gen. Clarence D. Huebner, July, 1943, to December, 1944; Maj. Gen. Clift Andrus, Dec., 1944, to present……. Component Units: (As of August, 1942): 16th (dating back to 1798), 18th and 26th Infantry Regiments.; 5th (M), 7th, 32nd and 33rd (L) FA Battalions. Higher Command: (combat) First Army……. Awards: The 16th and 18th Regiment. 1st Battalion., the Distinguished Unit Citation. Units with each regiment have additional awards. Entire division cited at end of World War I. Many units received Fourragere from Marshal Foch……. Combat Highlights: The African beachhead was the baptism of fire for the 1st Division, on Nov. 8, 1942. Invasion of Sicily, July 10, 1943, was another high point of their combat action. On D-Day in France the division stormed one of the strongest fortified sections, Omaha Beach in Normandy. Units suffered as high as 30 per cent casualties in the first hour of fighting, but division fought on, swept through obstacles and destroyed the entire German 352nd Infantry Division. In July, 1944, the 1st spearheaded the drive that opened the Cotentin Peninsula to Brittany. Sept. 13, 1944, it breached the Siegfried Line. captured Aachen Oct. 21, took part In the Battle of the Ardennes Bulge in Jan.. 1945, pushed forward with the 9th Armored at Remagen bridgehead to race through Germany. At the end of war the 1st was at Karlsbad, Germany.