10 10th Armored Division

Nickname: Tiger Division. ….. Shoulder Patch: Regular armored patch with red (FA), yellow (Cav.) and blue (Inf.) areas. Numeral is black and a red bolt of lightning crosses a black tank tread and cannon. ….. Slogan: Terrify and Destroy. ….. History: The 10th Armored Division has no history prior to World War II. ….. Training: Activated: July, 1942, Ft. Benning, Ga. Other station: Camp Gordon, Ga. Maneuvers: Tenn. (1942), Second Army. Overseas: Sept., 1944 (ETO). ….. Commanding Generals: Maj. Gen. Paul W. Newgarden (killed in airplane crash 14 July, 1944, Chattanooga, Tenn.) July, 1942 to July, 1944; Maj. Gen. William H. H. Morris, Jr., July, 1944, to May, 1945; Maj. Gen. Fay B. Prickett, May, 1945, to present. ….. Component Units: (As of Sept., 1944) 3d, 11th and 21st Tank Battalions; 20th, 54th and 61st Armored Infantry Battalions; 419th, 420th and 423d Armored FA Battalions. Higher Command: Third Army, First Army and Seventh Army. ….. Awards: Distinguished Unit Citation to Combat Command B for action at Bastogne, Dec. 18-27, 1944. Combat Highlights The 10th Armored got its first contact with the enemy in Nov., 1944. Fighting under the Third Army, the Tigers swung in an arc north of Thionville, France, crossed the Moselle near Petite Hettange and rolled along the left flank of the Metz surge. Kerling, Bibische, Friestroff and Colmen fell in its path and were gathered in. The Tigers then took off for the German border and crossed it, laying claim to being the first division of the Third Army to drive into the Reich. Its first three weeks of combat chalked up liberation of 100 square miles of France and occupation of 50 more in Germany. The 10th was the first of the Third Army divisions rushed to meet the German mid-winter offensive and the division’s Combat Command B made a major contribution to stopping the Nazis at Bastogne. an action for which the unit was cited. In January, the 10th crossed the Saar river north of Merzig in a drive to wrest the Saarland from the Germans. Trier, vital communications and supply center, fell March 4. For the preceding successful ground work and for its action in securing this grand prize, General Patton praised the division. Crossing the Moselle river Mar. 11, the 10th went on to enter Kaiserlautern on the 21st. In April, the division seized a bridge over the Rems river on the 23d of April reaching the blue Danube at Ulm. Nazis surrendered by the thousands (9000 in five days). Oberammergau was occupied. The 10th crossed the Austrian border the same day 29 April, and by the next day had reached a point 40 miles north of the Italian border. 20 miles from Innsbruck, Austria.