Recognition Journal

The U. S. Army-Navy Journal of Recognition is published as a joint effort by the Navy and by the Army to bring out the latest and most important recognition news. It is a restricted publication. As such . . . “this document contains information affecting the national defense of the United States, within the meaning of the Espionage Act, 50 U. S. C., 31 and 33, as amended.” “Its transmission or the revelation of its contents in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law.” Although the Journal is marked Restricted it should receive full distribution. The purpose of the Journal is to disseminate material on recognition as rapidly as possible for the fullest use by officers and enlisted men and it should not be treated as a secret. It is distributed in fixed quotas through the regular channels of each service. A few additional copies are available, and may be obtained upon request from each service. ……. This Magazine ran from September 1943 to August 1945 It’s format is 9-1/4 x 12-7/8 inches with an average of 52 pages.