Camp Publications

A.P.O. 957 Schofield Barracks, Oahu, Hawaii – The Redlander>
Camp Abbot, Oregon – Panoram
Camp Bowie, Texas
Camp Carson, Colorado Springs, Colorado – Camp Carson Mountaineer
Camp Clairborne, Louisiana, 326th Infantry, 82nd Division – Rookie-Lookie
Camp Croft, South Carolina – The Spartan
Camp Hale, Colorado – Camp Hale Ski-Zette
Camp Hood, Texas – The 96th Regiment – Firing Line
Camp Hood, Texas – The Hood Panther
Camp Howze,Texas – Camp Howze Howitzer
Camp Hulen, Texas – Searchlight
Camp John T. Knight – Oakland, California – The Service Knight
Camp Kilmer, New Jersey – Kilmer Eagle
Camp Maxey, Texas – The Forosix
Camp Rucker, Alabama – Camp Rucker Reporter
Camp Shelby, Mississippi – The Reveille
Camp Stewart, Georgia – Shoot’em Down
Camp Wolters, Texas – The Longhorn
For Dix, New Jersey – The Fort Dix Post
Fort Benning, Georgia – The Pine Bur
Fort Bliss, Texas – Fort Bliss News
Fort Bragg, N.C. – Fort Bragg Post
Fort George G. Meade, Maryland – Fort Meade Post
Fort Huachuca, Arizona – The Apache Sentinel
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri – Fort Wood News
Fort Logan, Colorado – News and Views
Fort Sam, Houston, Texas – The Blazon
Ft. McClellan, Alabama – The McClellan Cycle
Gulfport Field, Mississippi – The Gulfport Post
MacDill Field – Thunder Bird
Moore Field, Texas – The Ramp
QM School News
Rosecrans Field, Missouri – The Rosecrans Flyer
San Antonio Avation Cadet Center, Texas – The Tale Spinner
The Fighting Ram
Warner Robins, Georgia – Robins Field News
Wheeler Field, Hawaii – Wheeler Windsock