YANK US 1943 02 26 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 36 ……. Cover: Mountain Trooper – Carrying a full pack and rifle, Cpl. Hal Burton exhibits skill on Skis. See story on page 20. ……. Across North Africa With The British 8th ……. Articles Inside:

Rommel’s Rout in N. Africa – From Alexandria to Tripoli, a Yank Reporter Saw Axis Collapse Before British Eighth Army. By Sgt. Burgess Scott

Yanks at Home and Abroad – Our men report on the state of the world on matters ranging from war orphan to Guadalcanal saga.

When Sweetpea Visited Her Uncles There Was Hell to Pay Over France. By Sgt. Walter Peters

Special Troops Unit in N. Africa Becomes a Haven for Lost Soldiers. by Sgt. Ralph G. Martin

Here’s One Time EM Broke Rules and the Officers Didn’t Say a Word. By Sgt. Ralph Boyce

U.S. Air Warning Net in China Stymies Once Potent Nip Air Forces. By Sgt. John P. Barnes

New Tunes for the Buglers or How to Blow a Blue Plate. By Cpl. William Pene Du Bois

Marine Saga on Guadalcanal; Japs Ain’t Supermen, They’re Dopes. By Sgt. Mack Morriss

One Sgt. the Marines Love, He Saved Their Record ( Pay ) Books. By Sgt. Robert N. Blum, USMCR

New Problems for Ground Crews: Bird Nests in the Air Intake Scoops. By Sgt Ed Cunningham


What’s Your Problem?

Message Center

Ready to Strike – Casablanca has set war stage for a big push into Germany; Three-way attack threatens Hitler’s fortified Axis.

So You Want to Be a 1st Sgt. – Paper Work by 1st Sgt. Clyde P. Wilemon, Fort Thomas, Ky. and G.I. Murals by S/Sgt. Douglas Borgstedt

News From Home

Square Shootin’

A Yank Joins the 8th Army – Our Staff Cameraman Trails the British Fighters Through Libya to Tripolitania ( Photo Pages )

The Sad Sack “The Bayonet” By Sgt. George Baker

Between the Lines

Pvt. Mulligan by Cpl. Larry Reynolds

Needle Pointers ( Types of sewing repairs )

YANK Pin-up Girl: Donna Reed

Swing in Wartime

Double Puzzle

Company Street

The Poets Cornered

Mail Call

Strictly G.I.

Mountain Fighters – On snowy peaks of the Colorado Rockies, our new skiing, cliff-scaling troops are mastering all the tricks of mountain warfare. By Cpl. H. N. Oliphant

The Post Exchange

Sports: Syndicate Slugger Beau Jack Fights His Heart Out to Buy Hawg Farm and Shooting Gallery. By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sport Shorts

U.S. Army Engineers ‘Fight’ Song