YANK US 1943 01 27 (PDF)




24 pages
Vol. 1 No. 33

Cover: African Clipper – With an antiaircraft machine gun not too far away, Sgt. Orland McCall, who used to be a barber back in Boston, Mass., finds a customer on the North African desert. The guy getting clipped is T/Sgt. Aime Lemieux of Fall River, Mass. ……. Articles Inside:

Tunis: Communique – Allied HQ. Only Routine Patrol Activity – The motor roared and so did the enemy’s machine guns, mortars, and hand grenades. But we were on our way. Illustrated By Cpl. Robert Greenhalgh

Getting down to Brass Taxes – Here’s the Straight Dope on How Much Uncle Sam’s New Taxes Will Affect You. By Cpl. Richard H. Paul

Yanks at Home and Abroad – Our men report on the state of the world on matters ranging from Life in Puerto Rico to India Trains

Life is Pleasant in Puerto Rico, But Grab Your Drinks While You Can. By Sgt. Joe McCarthy


What the AVGs Started in China, the U.S. Army Air Force Is Finishing. By Sgt. John P. Barnes

Any Similarity Between India Trains and the Santa Fe is Purely Imaginary. By Sgt Ed Cunningham

Words Across the Sea

Message Center

Gable Becomes Aerial Gunner; He Wins His Wings the Hard Way

If You Can’t Get Jerry One Way, You Can Sometimes Kid Him to Death. By Sgt. Burgess H. Scott

G.I. Joe “Blackout” By Sgt. Dave Breger

Equal Rights to China – British and U.S. Treaties Abolish Old Privileges and Launch a New Era in the Orient

News From Home

News By States

Checkerboard Strategy

Variety Show – Produced by the Cameras of the World

The Sad Sack “Boredom” By Sgt. George Baker

Between the Lines

Pvt. Mulligan by Cpl. Larry Reynolds

Here Are the Winnahs! In the “Nuts to the Axis” Contest

YANK Pin-up Girl: Leslie Brooks

Evening Report

G.I. Cross-Word Puzzle

Company Street

The Poets Cornered

Mail Call

Strictly G.I.

With the USAFISPA ( United States Armed Forces in South Pacific Area ) – The sketches and story appearing on these pages are the product of YANK’s team of correspondents in the South Pacific area. Sgt. Howard J. Brodie, staff artist on the fighting fronts in this theater, and Sgt. Mack Morriss, staff writer, have done an excellent job in bringing to YANK readers the strangeness and color of this far-off place. More of their work will appear in an early issue

The Post Exchange

Sports: To Our Way Of Thinking Sgt. Louis Could Put Commander Tunney Away in Eight Rounds. By Sgt. Dan Polier

201 Big Leaguers Now In Armed Forces