YANK US 1942 08 12 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 9 ……. Cover: Invisible Man? ( He Wears an American Sniper Suit ) …….Europe Awaits 2d Front – See page 8 ……. Articles Inside:

Strictly G.I.

From “Privacy” to “Majority” In 3 Years – But He’s In Minority

Carolina’s Peedee River Foams Again With Gee-Eye Maneuvers

Navy Picks a Lady Named Mildred to Rule the Waves

Extra! G.I.’s Send Money Back Home

Reports from a World at War – Concerning U-Boats, a Tall King, Gandhi, Panamanian Cows, a Voyage, a Slugged Author, China, Bombed Germany, the Pacific, and a Swede

Ten Against the Jungle – Somewhere in the Caribbean – This is the diary of ten soldiers against the jungle and against death. I was there and I wrote it down. They were all Army men, of course, nine of them crew members of a B-24. By Sgt Ed Cunningham

The V Front Makes Ready – To Join the Second Front

News From Home – Ghost Mocks Berlin

People Back Home

Trek From Burma ( Photo Pages )

The Poets Cornered

Mail Call

Words Across the Sea

A Few Items That Require No Editorial Comment…

The Sad Sack “Inspection” By Sgt. George Baker

Between the Lines

The Emperor of Japan. Illustration by Hon. Superior-Sgt. Hashimura Stein Wordage by Hon. Inferior-Cpl. Hashimura Hargrove

Hollywood in Wartime

Aussie Town Likes Nightly Air Shows Better Than Garbo Movies

From Alaskan Al to Jungle Jolson

Down Under Shows On New Frequency

How About Some Close Order Drill With This Staff Sergeant?

“Man All Battle Stations” By Cpl. David M. Cleary

Sgt. Churchill Wins Her Wound Stripe. By Sgt. Robert Moora

Zuppke Will Coach College All-Stars

Irish Colt Slices Whirly’s Bankroll

“Sugar” Asks Ring Rivals If They’ll Take One Or Two Lumps-on the Chin

Sports: G.I.’s Give Yale Its Greatest Football Team of All Time. By Cpl. Joe McCarthy

Grove Doesn’t Sigh for Major Leagues

We’re Tired of Dodger Headlines – This Time They Equal Great Winning Record of 1913 Giants

Sport Shorts

Escape From the Jungle – See Page 5