YANK US 1942 08 05 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 8 ……. Cover: Slapped Jap – This remarkable photo was made through an American submarine’s periscope as a Jap destroyer headed for the bottom after being hit by two torpedoes. Note the Rising Sun now sinking in the center, and the two men in white scrambling over the conning tower at right. The marks running through the picture are etchings on the periscope. ……. A.A.F. Fighters Over France – See page 3 ……. Articles Inside:

Two Well-Decorated Chickens All Set to Wring a Nazi Neck

Yanks Again Fight Japs Hand-to-Hand

Something New Has Been Added To G.I. List – Thousands of Votes

Chico Field Air Pupils Boast Perfect Record

Yank Fighter Planes Fly Into Nazis – U.S. Combat Pilots Make First Appearance Over France Since 1918

Army Gets Very Neat – Makes Planes Police Up Gliders Now

Mr. Hirohito, My Name Is Thronumoulopoulos

Boys in Hawaii Get a Little Practice – Island Maneuvers Click As G.I.’s Repel Fake Japs

This Army’s O.K. But WAACS Like Table Linen on the Sabbath

Battle of the Sexes Slows Real Scraps

Zeros Ain’t What They Used To Be

Reports from a World at War – About an Indian chief, $40,000 worth of diamonds, beri-beri, four baths, a bombing season, a Prime Minister, an obliging bovine, and Sadie Thompson

Crisis in the Caucasus – The Nazis have over-run 30,000 square miles of fertile Russian farm land. …..

And Now God’s Chillun Got Tanks. By Cpl. Charles Cuneen

News From Home

This American Week – A Heat-Wave, Conspirators Nabbed by F.B.I., Profiteering Nipped by Law, A Mixture of Events.

People Back Home

At Dusk, We Bury Their Dead

War at Sea ( Photo Pages )

The Poets Cornered

Mail Call

Words Across the Sea

A Few Items That Require No Editorial Comment…

The Sad Sack “Pistol Practice” By Sgt. George Baker

Between the Lines

Jungle Jims By Cpl. Robert G. Ryan

Pvt. Greengroin and the Articles of War by Sgt. Harry Brown

A.E.F. Radio Schedule

Hollywood in Wartime

Ann Miller, Now Blonde, Wants to Entertain A.E.F.

The Army Cook…Soldier and Artist. Stewed up by Sgt. Ralph Stein and Cpl. Marion Hargrove

Notre Dame, Chicago Bears Work Triple Reverse With Hayes School

Speaker Feels Better – McNair Will Play For Connie Mack

Sports: This Golf Battle Might Make A Good Abbott-Costello Movie By Cpl. Joe McCarthy

Schnoz Lombardi Stages Comeback

Don’t Look Now, But Old Van Lingle’s Back Again

Giants, Reds Steal Dodger Thunder – Third Place Fight Shoves Bums From National League Spotlight

Mauriello Latest Heavyweight Hope

Home Town Sport News

Night and Day ( Men of the 761st Tank Battalion )