YANK US 1942 07 29 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 7 ……. Cover: War in Alaska – U.S. Marines calmly man their posts in the trenches at Dutch Harbor following Japanese air attack. Fuel tanks afire in background were hit by Jap bombers. ……. Women Now in Army – See page 2 ……. Articles Inside:

Our Army in Skirts Begins To Train As You and You Did

Japs Acting Tough in Alaska

And We Get Tough Right Back, Cripple 7 Warships, Sink 3 More

Army Builds New Airborne Attack

Here’s a Sarge As You Like ‘Em – Talks Big, and Then Backs It Up. By Sgt. Robert Loftus

Army Announces 44,143 Casualties

Yank Puts the Finger on Japs But Doesn’t Get It Back ( Cpl. Louis Murphy )

G.I. Saint Patricks Give Jungle Snakes Bum’s Rush

Reports from a World at War – About a Russian Sgt. York, 125 dead mules, jungle prowlers, a hero’s end, Harlem-in-the-Pacific, a musical fire-fighter, Yankee gallantry and “ultra-Aryans”

India – Geography lessons come fast for that world-wide traveler, the American soldier. In a crucial summer of showdowns, he follows events in distant, turbulent India.

Our Jumping Jacks – They Soon Find Out There’s A Lot More to Paratrooping Than Floating in the Air. And Once They Reach the Ground There’s More Work to be Done—in a Hurry, Soldier!

People Back Home

News From Home

War-time America – A Nation in on its Guard-Against Sabateurs and Profiteers and Air Raids

The Nerve of Some People!

Flying Tiger’s Cub

Tough Luck, G.I.’s

Pvt. McTurk Spreads a Latrine Rumor

3/4 Doz. Gobs Get Tangled in Army. By Sgt. Harry Brown

The Sad Sack “K.P.” By Sgt. George Baker

Hollywood in Wartime

Between the Lines

Africa Social Life Tough For Soldiers, Says Dancer

Australia Yanks Seek Old Discs By Pvt. Jim Pierce

In the Groove? These Guys Were Just Out of This World

A.E.F. Will Hear ‘Canteen’ Show

Underseas Boys Get Cheer Through Short Wave Radio

Whirlaway Wins $50,000 Race, Breaks Seabiscuit’s Money Record

Neyland, Wade Will Coach G.I. Dream Football Squad in Relief Fund Games

South America Sends U.S. New Tennis Star ( Francisco Pancho Segura )

Sports: Baseball Has Its Own War News When Durocher Gets Them Mad. By Cpl. Joe McCarthy

Army and Navy Rule the Ring

Reds Trade Craft for Eric Tipton

Yanks Snap Back Into Old Form – Rolfe Returns to Lead Bombers Toward American League Flag

Swede Sets Three New World Records

Home Town Sport News

“We Did It Before—” ( Cartoons )