YANK US 1942 07 15 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 5
24 pages

Cover: We Are Not Alone. The Army’s powerful partner, the United States Navy, speaks up during an attack on Wake Island. This is a cruiser blasting away ……. We Take First Poke At Nazis – See page 3 ……. Articles Inside:

Navy Tests World’s Largest Plane – Big as 14-Room House

Nazis to Face Court Martial

Gandhi Now Favors U.S. Army in India

U.S. Calls 1-B’s With One Eye

Yanks Take First Punch at Germans – U.S. Tank Corps in Africa Shoots First Shell at Nazis

WAAC to Take 13,000 Women

Two Sergeants Win Air Medal ( Robert L. Golay and Bennie B. Cunningham )

Boy Tells F.D.R. He Wants to Fly

Enlisted Men to Get Credit Where Credit Is Due

Tokyo Bombed – Down in Texas

Bombed Destroyer Returns to Fight ( USS Shaw )

For Yanks Not at Oxford – Or How a Fighter With The A.E.F. Can Keep Himself and His British Hosts Happy While Visiting the Tight Little Isle

Reports From the Field – Concerning a Dog Tag, Six Heroes, a New Howitzer, Sevastopol, Malta, a Spy, Royalty, and a Cup of Coffee

Water, Water Everywhere – Only 900 Cans of Beer to Drink

Hand Salute! Pictures by Sgt. Ralph Stein Words to Fit by Cpl. Harry Brown

Air Blows Hot From Bronx – Fanning Session Sets World Straight on 258th Field Artillery – listen youse guys. By Cpl. Marion Hargrove

Australia Gets Big Okay. By Pfc. Klaus Mueller

Woman-Soldier Returns From War ( Miss Ruth Mitchell )

What’s a Jap to a Hawaiian?

News From Home

The Mystery of the Roped Lion, Or a Cowboy’s Night in Town

Phoney Naval Officer Finds Landlubbers Have a Brig, Too

More Home News

True to form, it was a….Deadly Fourth – AAF Uses ‘Holiday’ Week to Touch Off New Air Offensive on Three Fronts

Between the Lines

The Sad Sack “Reveille” By Sgt. George Baker

Flight to Glory – This is the first in a series which YANK will carry from time to time on our enlisted heroes – real stories, taken from facts, not fiction. By Sgt. Denton Scott The Poets Cornered

Mail Call

Two Cents Worth

A Few Items That Require No Editorial Comment…

6 Hour Leave

Hollywood in Wartime

Yank Sends Jive Overseas

There’s Plenty of Warble Left in the Old Pipes

British Pep Up Radio for A.E.F.

Maddy Carroll Quits Pictures

Here’s A New Army Game

How to Roll a Pack

Americans Win All-Star Game

American League Bombs Service All-Star Team, 5-0

Sports: Pass Joe Cronin the Headache Pills – Williams Is Off Again. By Cpl. Joe McCarthy

Auto Racing Banned to Save Gas, Tires

Ott Shines As Giant Manager

Army Pitcher Beats Aussie Team

Budge Beats Riggs In Straight Sets And Wins Pro Tennis Title

YANK Will Be Then When…