YANK US 1942 07 08 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 4 ……. Cover: A bomb’s eye view of a Yank ready and waiting to let fly with a parcel of well-chosen, high-powered packages for the Axis brotherhood ……. G-Men Crack Spy Plot – See page 3 ……. Exclusive! Actual Photos Berlin Bombing and Camouflage See story on page 6 & 7 ……. Articles Inside:

Army Runs World’s Biggest Airline – Cargo Planes Circle Globe

Yank Was First Over Cologne

3,000,000 Youths, 18-20, Register

F.B.I. Breaks Up Nazi Spy Plot – Germans Face Death Penalty

Churchill Gets Eyeful of Yank Fighting – Praises Troops After Review

1st Marine AEF in South Pacific

1 P.M. in Army is Now 13 O’Clock

Girl Pilot Faints, Flies Plane Hour Out Cold – And Still Lives

Sergeant Describes Raid on Japan – Aircraft Plant at Kobe Bombed With 20-Cent Homemade Sight. By Sgt. Edward J. Saylor

Actual Photos Berlin at War ( Photo Pages )

Homage to Bataan – Here is a Story of Courage that becomes more beautifully American with each telling. It’s a story that Americans hold sacred, and ever will. To the memory of those who died in the flaming maelstrom of Bataan, these pages are dedicated.

The Flighty Ities or a Farewell to Arms

News From Home

U.S. Troops Show ‘Winnie’ How it’s Done

The Poets Cornered

Mail Call

Two Cents Worth

A Few Items That Require No Editorial Comment…

North Front – Week’s News from War Fronts Emphasizes Importance of Murmansk in Stopping Nazis

Between the Lines

The Sad Sack “Orders” By Sgt. George Baker

A Fight for Life – Forced Down in an Australian Wilderness, a Yank Fighter Pilot-With a Knife and Three Shells in His Pistol-Takes His Chow Where He Can Find It.

Battleships – Leisure Hour Game

Hollywood in Wartime

Yank Sends ‘G.I. Jive’ Around the World – Top Bands on Air Six Times a Week

A.E.F. Radio Schedule

Sports: Baseball Different This Year – Pitchers, Not Hitters, Get Glory. By Cpl. Joe McCarthy

Whirlaway Set for Big Money

Amateur G.I.’s Can Compete With Pros

Major Leagues Pick All Star Teams – National Club Slim Favorite

Sport Shorts

Berlin Bombed – Photo from Meineke Strasse, Berlin