YANK US 1942 07 01 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 3 ……. Cover: Back Alley Fighting goes to war. Sweeping aside niceties, American troops are being trained to meet a vicious enemy at his own game – free for all, and anything goes. See Pages 10 and 11 ……. Name C-I-C For 2nd Front ……. Articles Inside: …

42 Billion Bux for War Dept.

Axis Agents Donate $102,240 to U.S.

Service Club Is Finally Opened In Australia, Thanx to Red Cross

Don’t Promise Her Anything – Marriage Outside U.S. Is Out

U-Boats Plague U.S. Shipping

Tank Expert 2nd Front Chief – Eisenhower Plans European Push

Desk Jobs Going to Over-Age

Dawn Patrol – I have just come back from an anti-submarine patrol, bowling out over the Atlantic in a bomber. The bomber was part of a Bombing Squadron, stationed at an East coast airfield. The field is a war front, just as Egypt and Australia and China are war fronts, and it is on a complete war footing. The men are in a front line. Master mechanics, staff and technical sergeants slog along with .45’s strapped to their waists.

News From Home

Between the Lines ( Cartoons )

The Sad Sack – Drill by Sgt. George Baker

Rags Takes Nip Now and Then

Smallest World War Vet Toted Full Pack of Woes

Gal Officers Ready for Training

Situation Unchanged ( Photo Page )

Fighting Dirty – This is a mighty mechanized war, they say. This is a war in which great machines ruin great cities and destroy great armies and the individual soldier is as nothing. But in the training camps of Britain and in some of the stations of America, men are being taught to fight the fight of personal enterprise. They are learning a simple but terrible hand-to-hand technique, the ruffian tactics of thugs and bullies the art of dirty fighting.

Nazi Big Push Is On – Axis Launches Twin Drives Toward Near East; British Lose Tobruk, Russians Meet New Drive

Double Trouble – Male and Female By Cpl. William Harkaway

Portrait of Pvt. Moto – Forget those Cock-and-Bull Stories About the Jap – Here’s the True Dope.

Tokyo Zoot Suits

The Poets Cornered

Mail Call

Two Cents Worth

A Day in the Field with the Axis PRO Boys…

What’s Your Problem?

G.I. Joe by Cpl. Dave Berger

Cities Broadcast to Their Troops

Radio Table Designed For Troops Overseas

A.E.F. Radio Schedule

Photo Page: Jane Russell

Movies Overseas

Movies for All, Red War Policy

Troops will Get More Jive on Air

Sports: Can’t Somebody Beat Dem Bums? By Cpl. Joe McCarthy

Waner Reaches 3000 Hit Mark

Extra! Yanks Lose 5 Games

Dodds Wins A.A.U. Championship

Games Aid Army Fund

Louis-Conn Fight Postponed as Joe Goes to Cavalry at Fort Riley