YANK US 1942 06 17 Overseas Sample (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 1 ……. Cover: $50 A Month Right Now. Story on page 3 ……. F.D.R.: Why We Fight ……. Articles Inside: …

To the Armed Forces of the United States President Roosevelt Greets Fighting Men on All Fronts Through This First YANK Issue, Calls Them ‘Delegates of Freedom.’

More Money Now En Route ( Pay Raise )

Four Who Came Back Non-Coms Tell How They Won Those Medals; Two Were With Commandos at St. Nazaire ( R. G. Herbert , Harry Howard , M. A. D. Riddell and D. N. Huntley )

Around and About America

News From Home

Learn to Fight Dirty

Between the Lines ( Cartoons )

The Sad Sack – The Physical by Sgt. George Baker

The Bitter Bayonet of Colonel Biddle By Pvt. Lloyd Shearer

Men and Machines Put Hell on High By Pvt. Leonard Rubin

Wind, Sand and Mars By Cpl. Harry Brown

Ready on the Right … Ready on the Left … Ready on the Firing Line

The Poets Cornered

Mail Call

Two Cents Worth

A Few Items That Require No Editorial Comment

‘H.M.S. Pepperpot’ Brings Cargo of Tales

What’s Your Problem?

We Hear That

Dogs for Defense U.S. Training Thousands for War; Russia, Germany Both Using Them

Berlin Overseas Show He Did It Before and He is Doing It Again ( Irving Berlin )

G.I. Shakespeare

A.E.F. Radio Schedule

Photo Page: Jane Randolph

Movies Overseas

Book Review

Soldiers, Sailors Play Major League All-Stars

14 Major Leaguers in Uniform Soon

Dugout Dirt by Haywood Hale Broun

Louis Needs Benefit Bout For Self

Sports Shorts

War-Time Vacation Tip ( Harley Archie Olson )

G.I. Joe by Cpl. Dave Berger