YANK US 1944 12 15 (PDF)




Vol. 3 No. 26
24 pages

How We Govern Our First Captured German City

Cover : Rest Camp, France

For four months after he landed in Normandy on 0-Day, Pfc. Gerand T. Robert, of Springfield, Mass., stayed at the front. Then, believe it or not, he drew a three-day leave at an Infantry rest home behind the lines. A Signal Corps cameraman caught Pfc. Robert’s joy as he tested the softness of his bed.

Billy ( Conn ) the Kid in Italy

Christmastide Back Home

No More Discrepancies

Playtime in the Pacific

PTs in the Pacific

Rough Deal at Walcheren

Sketches from the Mediterranean

The Army Governs Aachen

Up the Hard Way ( Sgt. John Shelby )

Camp News

Mail Call


The Poets Cornered

Yank Pin-up Girl : Rita Daigle

Yanks at Home Abroad