YANK US 1944 10 13 (PDF)




Vol. 3 No. 17

Nazi Mines

Cover : The “pies” S/Sgt W. R. Nickell of Indianapolis, Ind., has stacked here are German Teller mines, picked up in Italy during one day’s stooping by an antitank outfit. Incidentally, don’t let Nickell and photographer Sgt. John Frano fool you into thinking he’s carrying them. They’re resting on a block. There’s more about Nazi mines on pages 12 and 13.

War in the West – Rolling on Toward Liege

Achtung Minen

Across the Pacific

Adriatic Front

How Brassiere Boys Held Brest

On the Thatch Run – Navy Boat Tours Solomons to Buy Grass Shacks for GI Use.

Who should be discharged first after the war?

With the Canadians in France

Camp News

Mail Call



The Poets Cornered

What’s Your Problem?

Yank Pin-up Girl : Lynn Bari

Yanks at Home Abroad