YANK US 1944 09 29 (PDF)




Vol. 3 No. 15

Details of the Army’s Plan for Demobilization

Cover : Glasses of cognac are lifted in toast to the liberation of Paris as M. Louis Lehauf, citizen of Cherbourg, and Pvt. John Simms, citizen of Pittsburgh, Pa., get together in the Normandy port. Whenever the American armies stopped long enough to say hello, they were royally entertained by the French.

Plan for Demobilization

Text of Army’s Demobilization Plan

“Rommel – Count Your Men”

Blown Off the Deck of an LST

Getting Out of the Army

How Rock of Venafro Held Up an Army

The War in France

Mail Call

News From Home


Variety Show

What goes on in the Entertainment World back home

What’s Your Problem?

Yank Pin-up Girl : Burnu Acquanetta