YANK US 1944 09 22 (PDF)




Vol. 3 No. 14

Report From One of the First GIs to Enter Paris

Cover : Tintype From France: Tank Destroyer Team

Soon after he landed in Southeastern France with the 36th Division, YANK’s Sgt. George Aarons was hailed by a group of men who yelled, “Hey, will you take our picture?” Sgt, Aarons obliged and the result was this unusual tintype of a group of fighting men from a Tank Destroyer outfit.

Aviation Engineers in France

GI Horseplay – In Egypt & In Italy

GIs From Brazil

Khaki Christmas

Life in a Bomb Bay


The Suicide in Mike’s Place

When the Japs Held Guam

Camp News

Home Towns in Wartime – Washington, D. C.

Mail Call



Yank Pin-up Girl : Belita

Yanks at Home Abroad