YANK US 1944 09 08 (PDF)




Vol. 3 No. 12
24 pages

Story of a Sailor’s 31 Months on Jap-held Guam

Cover : Investigation in Italy

This knocked-out German self-propelled heavy howitzer serves as a playground for these Italian kids, photographed near the fighting front by YANK’s Sgt. George Aarons. For more pictures of children in wartime in other military theaters from China to France, turn to the center spread on pages 12-13.

Skyway to Siberia

Books in Wartime “ASE”

Children and War

Marauder Magic

Paris Express

Report on Joe DiMaggio

The Ghost of Guam

The Mouse

What the Nazi Soldier Thinks

Camp News

Mail Call

Navy Notes


Yank Pin-up Girl : Jean Parker