YANK US 1944 08 11 (PDF)




Vol. 3 No. 8

Front Line, Pacific ……. Sketches and Stories From the Normandy Front ……….. During the campaign on Wakde, Netherlands New Guinea, YANK’s Sgt. Dick Hanley made this unusual close-up. One look at the soldier’s face, the way he hugs his hole and grips – his tommy gun, tells you the picture was made up front. To make things tougher, he carries heavy radio equipment.

Arms Length From a Jap Battleship

Buzz-Bomb Blitz ( V-1 )

Hunters of the Aegean ( B-25 Patrols )

Jeeps on the Farm

LIFE Goes to a Party

Raid in the North Pacific

Report From the Western Front

What will you wear after the war?

Camp News

Home Towns in Wartime – Louisville, Ky.

Mail Call

Navy Notes



Yank Pin-up Girl : Janet Blair