YANK US 1944 07 14 (PDF)




Vol. 3 No. 4
Service with a smile, says Cpl, Louis (Gunga Din) Cziperle, as he totes a bunch of water-filled canteens to his thirsty comrades on Hollandia, Netherlands New Guinea. Louis would prefer the kind of water they have to drink back in his home town. East Chicago, Ind. but there’s a war in the way

Books in Wartime “ASE”

Chief Petty Officer

GI Cinderella

GI Gangbusters

Home Is Where You Build It

Normandy Notes

Tank Battle in Burma

The Soldier Speaks:

Typical GI?

What about your Post-War Car?

Camp News

Home Towns in Wartime – Chicago, Ill.

Mail Call



Yank Pin-up Girl : Angela Greene