YANK US 1944 05 26 (PDF)




Vol. 2 No. 49
Non Coms Tell Replacements How To Stay Alive … Combat-Wise Sergeant ……….. This beautiful mustachio, photographed by YANK’s Sgt. John Frano, belongs to T/Sgt. Ed M. Taylor, platoon sergeant in an 81-mm mortar outfit with the 36th Division in Italy. Taylor, who hails from El Paso, Tex., is one of the battle-wise platoon sergeants whose advice on how to remain a live infantryman is contained in Sgt. Burtt Evans’ story on page 2.

A Muddy GI in Italy Visits the Showers

A Report on British Middle East Forces

Honolulu Holiday

Pipe Dream in Canada ( Oil )

Push-Over at Hollandia

War Paint ( Tattoos )

Why Old Soldiers Never Die

Mail Call

News From Home


What goes on in the Entertainment World back home

What’s Your Problem?

Yank Pin-up Girl : Ernie Clarke