YANK US 1944 03 31 (PDF)




Vol. 2 No. 41

They Walked Into a Surprise Party at Eniwetok

Cover : These soldiers on the beach of Eniwetok Island in the Marshalls had just been landed and were awaiting the order to attack when they were photographed by YANK’s Sgt. John Bushemi. A little while later these men moved ahead. Among those who fell, mortally wounded, was Sgt. John Bushemi.
First Mission ( Bombing Saint-Nazaire )
In Italy
In Your Easter Hat
Mental Breakdowns in the Army
Nothing Can Stop The .. ( CENSORED )…
Puerto Rican Soldier – Pvt. Fulano de Tal
Surprise Party at Eniwetok
When Going Is Tough, French Ambulance Girls in Italy Dream of Paris Days
Camp News
Mail Call
The Poets Cornered
Yank Pin-up Girl : Gloria Anderson